Silence and Sonder

Driving alone in silence is an incredible way to clear your thoughts and become more in tune with yourself. Let’s face it, the world has gone a little mad lately. We’ve all become Alice chasing the white rabbit down the hole. Finding time for mental silence is, so necessary. 

I’ve been trying out mindfulness techniques lately to calm my fragile overwrought brain. Today my mission was mindful driving. As I drove I took in the different colors and tones in the clouds. The beautiful blues we’ve enjoyed this year. I thought about people as they drove past. How each life had its own ups and downs. Disappointments and triumphs. I am but one soul, one story in a mass of seven billion unique stories. We spread our tears, and smiles, anger and love all around this Earth. But from space we are just a blue dot. We, the whole earth all our lives and loves and loss on the tip of an eraser. It helped make the pain in my story a little better today.  

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