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First Drop In The Bucket

There is something about facing the inevitability of your own mortality that makes it suddenly easier to start checking off the proverbial bucket list. It’s been four years now since I was first diagnosed with Fibromuscular Dysplasia and “got sick.”  However, it’s was a new diagnosis I received this year, just two months ago, that finally shook me out of my reverie and pushed me to really decide it’s time to, in Tim McGraw’s words, “Live Like You Were Dying,” because, well, it seems I really may be. We all are of course, I am just very aware that I am.

Earlier this year I was invited to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. I wavered back and forth between whether or not to go and made up tons of excuses in my head my health, I may have to have surgery, I’ve never left the country, the strokes made me very awkward the list goes on and on. In the end, getting to spend time with my daughter and see a different part of the world won out. Can I just say how incredibly glad I didn’t sit here on the couch instead of taking that leap and going on the cruise. Sure, my health is always a risky thing and sure I was extremely tired and went to sleep most nights at eight o’clock but I had an amazing time.


I danced with wild abandon, I saw waters so clear you could see the tiny schools of silver fish darting around, I woke up early enough every morning to watch the sunrise, and more importantly my daughter chose to get up with me so we could sit together and then have breakfast and just talk because lo and behold cell phones didn’t work on the cruise ship. I played slots and lost money but had so much fun. I tried new foods like a bite of my daughter’s frog legs (and yes they do taste like chicken) and plantains. I read while watching the sea pass by. It was magic and it made me decide that it is time to really work on my Bucket List.

So now I have made my first drop. Well first several. I have left the country. I have been to the Bahamas and swam in clear waters. I have danced traditional dances with other cultures. I have been on a huge boat in the middle of the ocean. I have watched the sunrise over the ocean and marveled at how tiny we really are. I have so many, many left to do. Just wait till I get to the next one I’ve been planning it for a while!!

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