About Me!

I have read all about how to write an about me page. How it’s where you present yourself to your reader. Shine a light on who your are. Talk about what your blog is going to be about. I have to admit though, all of these things are incredibly hard for me to do. I can talk about myself, sure, I assume most people can, but when there is so much pressure to, ugh its kind of hard.

Here goes… Who am I?  I can start by who I’m not anymore. I’m no longer someone who smiles super easy at everyone that passes by. I tend to have a sad look on my face a lot, and I get lost in some distant place in my thoughts a lot. I’m no longer looking at some future where me and my best friends are sitting on rocking chairs as little old ladies shooting the breeze and gossiping like only old ladies and teen girls can do. I’m hoping to make it to a broadway play by the time I turn forty and see my youngest graduate high school, I take my future goals in smaller steps now. I could go on but this could get kind of depressing so let me tell you now who I am.

I am someone who knows the value of the life we are given. I appreciate the majesty in the smallest moments- sunsets, small talks with my kids when they trust me with their teenage secrets. I appreciate the time I spend with my family and every smile from my adorable baby niece (she smiles all the time). I appreciate coffee first thing in the morning when no one else is awake yet. And I really appreciate spellcheck (I’ll explain in a post one day.)

This blog is about the process of living while sick, raising young adults through that and doing things i ve always wanted to do but pit off to another day. Because for me another day is now so its time to get moving. it s also about moving through bouts of depression and dealing with intense feelings of loss and depression because i miss my old self like missing an old friend.

This is cathartic for me but I hope you read it and like it, or even don’t, that’s ok  too. I just know everyone is a book and this is a part of mine. Enjoy!