Rare Disease Day

I can’t let today end without posting about Rare Disease Day. There are so many rare disease out there with so few cures. Be sure to check out FMDSA.org and Mesothelioma.com¬†to learn about just two of the hundreds of rare diseases affecting people everyday. Thank you Emily for the graphic!!  

Bucket List Living Rare

First Drop In The Bucket

There is something about facing the inevitability of your own mortality that makes it suddenly easier to start checking off the proverbial bucket list. It’s been four years now since I was first diagnosed with Fibromuscular Dysplasia and “got sick.” ¬†However, it’s was a new diagnosis I received this year, just two months ago, thatContinue Reading “First Drop In The Bucket”

TheKitchen Sink

Falling through The Rabbit Hole

I’m sitting in one of the most depressing places I know of. My neighborhood laundromat. Alicia Keys is singing ‘This Girl is on Fire’ through the tinny speakers. The floors are the cheapest linoleum, easy to replace in case of leaks. The cinder block walls are a sickly powder blue. They remind me of theContinue Reading “Falling through The Rabbit Hole”